OLED Emitting Material Industry Report

The OLED emitting material industry report describes whether blue OLEDs can be used as TV OLED panels and analyzes the expected development direction and performance (efficiency and lifetime) of blue OLED + QDCF.

In particular, current status of blue emitting materials, which are core materials of blue OLED, are explained with the development trends of fluorescent material, phosphorescent material and TADF material. Overall technology development trends and key issues for new materials such as soluble OLED materials and near IR materials are also described.

Report Format : PDF

Publication : 2018. 04

  • The report describes the development direction of panel makers for blue OLED + QDCF and BT.2020 standards, which are emerging as OLED industry issues recently. In addition, it explains development trends and key issues of fluorescent and phosphorescent materials, and soluble and TADF, which are attracting attention as next-generation OLED emission materials.
  • The report is expected to help our customers to develop future direction, business strategy, investment and trend analysis, since it also analyzes the market share of 2017 sales by each material and the future market forecast (2018-2022).
  • For more details on the market outlook, it is recommendable to refer to the AMOLED Emitting Market track.
1. OLED Emitting Material Industry Topic

1.1 Blue OLED + QDCF
1.2 BT.2020

2. Development Trends and Key Issues of OLED Emitting Material

2.1 Fluorescent Material
2.2 Phosphorescent Material
2.3 Soluble Material
2.4 TADF Material
2.5 Near IR Material
2.6 Emitting Material for Lighting and Vehicles

3. Status of Major Companies for next generation OLED Emitting Material

3.1 Soluble Material
3.2 TADF Material

4. 2017 Sales Revenue Share Analysis for OLED Emitting Materials

4.1 2017 Sales Revenue Analysis for OLED Emitting Materials
4.2 Red Host
4.3 Green Host
4.4 Blue Host
4.5 HTL
4.6 ETL
4.7 Dopant
4.8 Others

5. OLED Emitting Material Market Forecast

5.1 Overall Market
5.2 Common Layer and Emitting Layer
5.3 Market by Country
5.4 Market by Application
5.5 Market by Pixel Structure