2019 OLED Components and Materials Report

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22019 OLED Material and Component Report
OLED Material and Component Market Track
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April Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

The picture quality of the LCD depends on the characteristics of backlight and TFT, liquid crystal, color filter and optical film including polarizer, but the OLED is determined by the materials constituting the TFT, the light emitting material and the module.
Typical display performance is evaluated as image quality, but the mechanical characteristics of the foldable OLED are also very important. Durability evaluation of foldable OLED is more strict than flexible OLED because diverse films constituting foldable OLED module should not be denatured at the folded part of the screen.
This report deals with the structure of the foldable OLED, which is the subject of the recent major panel makers’ commercialization, and it contains detailed investigation about the various films that make up the display.

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