2019 OLED Equipment Report

2019 OLED Equipment
Report (PDF 108p) Market Track(Excel)
· Sales Performance
· Market Forecast
June Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

Chinese panel makers are boldly investing in the 6G OLED line of the OLED market, which is being dominated by Samsung Display. Samsung Display is rushing to develop and invest in QD-OLED to capture the market for OLED TVs, which LG Display is currently soloing. At the same time, Samsung Display is putting OLEDs on the market with a variety of new technologies such as foldable OLED and hole in active area (HIAA) in order to prevent Chinese panel makers from catching up.
The OLED equipment report in 2019 details the latest OLED process technology, which is essential to analyze OLED equipment market forecasts. The new process analysis details Rigid HIAA OLED and Flexible HIAA OLED process technology and also describes Foldable OLED module and QD-OLED process.
This report also provides a detailed analysis of the supply chain of major panel makers. In particular, B7 and B11 of BOE have detailed equipment number and supply chain according to equipment capacity.
The equipment report includes a market track (Excel) that closely analyzes the market forecasts for each equipment.

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