Q1 2013 AMOLED Quarterly Report, Market Analysis and Forecast 2013~2017


This report documented AMOLED equipment market outlook and analysis, based on current state and issues on AMOLED equipment market in the first quarter of 2013 and expected investment of panel companies in the future.

Main contents of each chapter are as in the following

Chapter 2, current state on the first quarter on 2013 and investment state for total six main AMOLED companies including Samsung Display and LG Display were divided into mobile display and large size display, and analyzed according to them.

Samsung Display that released 55 in OLED TV and curved OLED TV at CES2013 in the first quarter of 2013 has developed OLED TV with SMS type. They are supposed to produce them in large quantity in(since) the second quarter not in the first quarter. For mobile devices, Galaxy S4 with 5 inch AMOLED panel was released and it showed 440ppi resolution with diamond pixel structure.

LG Display launched 55 inch OLED TV and curved OLED TV and started to place an order for MS line PO in February 2013. The equipment will be introduced at the end of June.

Chapter 3, the report arranged investment performance and current state of mass production of AMOLED line for AMOLED panel companies and analyzed expected timing for equipment introduction and producing product in large quantity in 2013, based on investment plan and development state according to each company. It also figured out and documented current state and capa, and manufacturing processes of AMOLED line according to generations.

Chapter 4, the report researched shipments and sales figures of AMOLED quarterly, arranged ASP and analyzed growth rate according to quarters. Shipments of the first quarter in 2013 decreased —% in comparison with last quarter due to increase of size for AMOLED panel used for smart phone and figures fell —-%. It is the first sales decrease after the second quarter of 2011.

Chapter 5, the report predicted AMOLED market from 2013 to 2017. Applications are smart phone, phablet PC and TV. After 2016, AMOLED for smart phone will occupy more than — market share. AMOLED market for phablet is expected to decrease continuously due to growth of AMOLED market for tablet PC. Total shipments of AMOLED in 2013 will be expected to be —-M units and a —-M market is expected to be formed in 2017.

Chapter 6, the report predicted AMOLED market divided into glass and flexible as substrate. Flexible AMOLED is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the early market is predicted to produce —- units. The expected shipments of glass AMOLED is —- units in 2015.

Chapter 7, the report predicted glass AMOLED market until 2017. When it comes to the shipments of glass AMOLED, the main product, smart phone, is expected to produced more than —- units and it is expected to form —— market in 2017.

Chapter 8, the report predicted flexible AMOLED market according to applications until 2017. In 2015, — shipments will come out and flexible AMOLED for tablet PC is expected to form —- markets.

Chapter 9, In the ninth chapter, new products with AMOLED in the first quarter of 2013 were classified according to applications.

new products with AMOLED were classified in the first quarter of 2013. In the first quarter of 2013, total 17 set products were newly released, which includes six mobile phone and smart phone, seven cameras and four monitors.

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