Q3 2013 AMOLED Report, Market Analysis and Forecast 2014~2013


Samsung Elec. leading AMOLED market has problems with Galaxy series. AMOLED market has rapidly improved due to sale increase of GalaxyS3 until the fourth quarter of 2012 but sales and shipments have continuously been stagnant during three quarters. In comparison with 2012, the market is still growing up but AMOLED panel market in 2014 has troubles due to its weak industrial structure depending on only sales of Galaxy S series.

Stagnancy of AMOLED shipments is directly connected with sales of material companies. Sales of not only luminescent materials but also various fields have decreased in 2014.

The appearance of various applications is required for growth of AMOLED industry. Although smart watch market is expected to be formed in 2014, as the size of panel is less than 2 inch it does not help AMOLED panel market to increase despite of growth of set market. The opening of curved smart phone market with flexible AMOLED and OLED TV market can be a key for AMOLED industry.

Q3 Report newly published by UBI RESEARCH contains data investigated and analyzed performances up to the three quarter according to quarters in detail and suggests 2014 business guide line of companies engaged in AMOLED industry and ready for new business by estimating AMOLED panel market according to application until 2018.

Format : PDF / Page : 73p / Updated : 2013. 11


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