[Solar Energy] A Solar Industry Trend Report

This report refers such matters of today’s industrial trend, market trend, technical trend and different countries’ policies relevant to it.

As the trend of solar industry, it was verified that the new companies, for examples of Oriental Chemical, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Woongjin Energy, KCC et al, joined to the current of trendy industry as well as the initiatives including of Hemlock, KPE, and Hyundai Heavy Industries. Solar energy is foreseen to be the most powerful energy source amongst other new and renewable energies in market trend, and with the arising, its scale of annual growth expected to be 40% on the average. The experts said this kind of trend will be continued for a mid and/or long term. In technical trend, the attention has been risen toward a silicon wafer which takes up 95% in today’s market to lower the cost of solar system, mass production of poly silicon used for solar battery, minimize of the wafer to save up poly silicon, a technology to higher up conversion efficiency of solar battery/module, semi conductive substances other than silicon, organic thin-film, dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC). There are explanations about various policies in Europe, Japan, USA to support solar energy industry, other than the case of Korean government’s 100,000 Green Village Plan and difference between the development assistance program ever since the year of 2004.

This issue of ‘Solar Energy Industrial Trend’ is analyzed present trend of solar energy industry, market, technology in depth, and supposedly gives a help to predict the future of solar energy industry and to merge into the market.


I. Solar Cell: industrial Trend
1. The business status of Cell / Module manufacturer
2. The business status of Poly silicon manufacturer
3. The business status of Ingot/ Wafer manufacturer
II. Market trend
1. Solar Battery Market
2. Industrial trend
1) Silicon wafer Solar battery
2) Poly silicon
3) Ingot wafer
3. Country Outlook
III. Solar Energy Development System
1. Solar Energy Development System
1) The Outline of Solar Energy Development System
2) The strategic outline of Solar Energy Development System
2. Technical Trend of Solar Energy Development System
1) The strategic & technical development outlook
3. Cases of practical application
1) STADE DE SUISSE ? Wankdorf Bern
2) Kameyama Plant of Sharp in Japan
3) Frederick plant of BP Solar in USA
4) Headquarter building of Kyocera in Japan
5) Shinan Solar Energy Plant in Jolla nam do, Korea
6) Munich Airport in Germany
7) Daegu EXCO in Korea
IV. Policies in different countries
1. Governmental Policy
1) Korea
2) Japan
3) Germany
4) USA
V. Appendix ? List of solar Energy industrial companies

PDF 95 pages 2007.10

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