Solution Process OLED Annual Report


The data used for this report has been compiled via direct interview with panel companies, manufacturing equipment companies, material companies, and research laboratory personnel and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent, as well as the analysis of over 10 years worth of UBI Research’s OLED database.

The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on panel companies investment trend, production capacity, process technology level, solution OLED material performance, and manufacturing equipment companies’ printing equipment development level on the basis of UBI Research’s database.


Executive Summary
A summary for quick understanding of entire report.

Issue Analysis
With the continued increase in size and performance of OLED panel, there is much activity by companies that are working toward mass producing large area RGB OLED using solution process OLED technology. LG Display adopted solution process manufacturing equipment for M2 line which produces large area OLED panel, and Samsung Display is considering ink-jet equipment order. Japan’s JOLED, Taiwan’s AUO, and China’s BOE and CSOT have either invested in R&D solution process OLED manufacturing equipment or are planning to do so. However, as it remains at R&D level, it is estimated that understanding of key technology issues of mass production and changes of market and preparation of response will be important. This report analyzed current market status and key technology issues of solution process OLED. Through the understanding of solution process OLED and issues, the report will help the companies in future strategy.

Production Cost Analysis of Solution Process vs. WRGB OLED TV
Analyzed and compared production cost of emitting material required for OLED layer formation when mass producing WRGB OLED panel and solution process OLED panel using Gen8 line.

Solution Process Emitting Material Development Trend Analysis
For the understanding of solution process OLED emitting material development and current development level, compared key companies’ soluble emitting material and evaporation material characteristics.

Solution Process Outline
Provided solution process OLED’s definition and structure, as well as comparison with evaporation process OLED, and advantages of solution process OLED. Categorized different solution process OLED technologies including ink jet printing and nozzle printing, key printing technologies. Development status, advantages and disadvantages of each technology are also included in this section.

SWOT Analysis of Solution Process OLED Industry
SWOT analysis is a method that plays a key function in understanding current market status and making future business strategy. Through analysis of solution process OLED’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat, and SO, WO, ST, and WT strategies, this section will help companies in planning business strategy.

Investment Trend and Forecast of Key Companies
Analyzed key companies’ solution process OLED trend and solution process OLED equipment order status and forecast their investment timing.

Solution Process OLED Market Forecast
Solution process OLED has high material usage efficiency and can be produced via RGB method without using color filter. As such, it is analyzed to be a key technology that will lower the panel price, and active solution process OLED investment by key panel companies is anticipated. Analyzed panel, equipment and material companies’ business status, technology development, and set market demand to forecast solution process OLED market. Market forecast material is composed of panel market by applications, emitting material market, and equipment market. Companies’ solution process OLED related business market analysis is included and will be beneficial in planning business strategy.

Trend Analysis of Key Companies / Solution Process Development History Analysis
Organized latest trend of key panel companies, such as Samsung Display and LG Display, emitting material companies, and equipment companies to assist in understanding of the industry progress. Product development trend can be comprehended through the analysis of released flexible AMOLED panels.

Format : PDF / Page : 104p / Updated : 2015. 10


1. Executive Summary

2. Solution Process OLED Issue
2.1 Technology Issues
2.2 Industry Issues

3. Production Cost Analysis of Solution Process vs. WRGB OLED TV

4.Solution Process Emitting Material Development Trend Analysis
4.1 Outline
4.2 Efficiency
4.3 Lifetime

5. Solution Process Outline
5.1 Definition
5.2 Solution Process vs. Evaporation Process
5.3 Why Solution Process?
5.4 Solution Process Structure
5.5 Solution Process Types

6. SWOT Analysis of Solution Process OLED Industry

7. Investment Trend and Forecast of Key Companies

8. Solution Process Market Forecast (2016-2020)
8.1 Outline
8.2 Panel Market
8.3 Emitting Material Market
8.4 Manufacturing Equipment Market

9. Trend Analysis of Key Companies
9.1 Panel Companies
9.2 Emitting Material Companies
9.3 Manufacturing Equipment Companies

10. Solution Process Development History Analysis
10.2 PMOLED & OLED Lighting



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