Sony presented Clie, a PDA product with AMOLED installation in Sept. 2004.
Clie is 3.8 inch top emission method with AMOLED (QVGA 480×320) equipped, runs MPEG/MP4 moving image, and MP3 music files due to AV upgrade, memory stick, and also contains CF card slot that allows LAN service. Also, its design is a slide. This report is an analysis of AMOLED image quality equipped in AMOLED.

The FPD Display’s steady development allowed OLED to be applied in our real lives. The potential of PMOLED and AMOLED’S mobile phone external and internal screen, PDA, PMP, and Navigations expansion in the market is expected to be big. In addition, Sony presented a PDA product that has AMOLED “Clie” in September, 2004.

Clie is equipped with the top emission method’s 3.8 inch AMOLED (QVGA 480×320) which improves AV ability to allow MPEG / MP4 media, MP3 music playback, memory stick and CF card slots, and finally the wireless internet LAN connection with the design of slide operation.

This report analyzes the image performance of AMOLED equipped CLIE. It analyzes recent AMOLED finished products and to show the scale of developed display technology.

1. Introduction

2. Assessment
1) Brightness
2) Contrast ratio (CR)
3) Color Coordinates
4) Color Temperature
5) Approval
6) Loading Effect
7) Gray scale measurement
8) Cross talk (CT)

3. Conclusion

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