Technology Trends and Market Forecast of Flexible OLED

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1. Summary

2. The Structure and Properties of Flexible Display
2.1 What is Flexible Display?
2.2 The Feature of Flexible Display
2.3 The Component Part of Flexible Display

3. Development History Analysis of Flexible OLED
3.1 Development History Analysis by Year
3.2 Development History Analysis of Samsung Display
3.3 Development History Analysis of LG Display
3.4 Development History Analysis of Other Display Manufacturers
3.5 Development History Analysis of Research Institutes

4. Industry Trends Analysis of Flexible OLED
4.1 Samsung Display
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Supply Chain(Samsung Display vs. LG Display)

5. Flexible OLED Market Forecast
5.1 Total Unit
5.2 Unit Volume by Inch
5.3 Market Volume by Inch and Y/Y Growth
5.4 Unit Ratio by Inch
5.5 Total Revenue
5.6 Revenue by Inch
5.7 Revenue by Inch and Y/Y Growth
5.8 Revenue Ratio by Inch
5.9 Average Selling Prices(ASP)

6. Technical Issue Analysis of Flexible AMOLED
6.1 Flexible AMOLED Component
6.2 Analysis of Flexible AMOLED Manufacturing Process: Samsung Display
6.3 Analysis of Flexible AMOLED Manufacturing Process: LG Display
6.4 Analysis of Flexible AMOLED Manufacturing Process: ITRI
6.5 Backplane
6.6 Encapsulation
6.7 Electrics

7. Issue Analysis of Flexible OLED Substrate Process
7.1 Roll to roll vs. Sheet
7.2 Plastic substrate Process Issue
7.3 Stainless steel substrate Process Issue
7.4 Flexible Substrate Preparation Process

8. Issue Analysis of Flexible OLED Substrate
8.1 Trends of Flexible OLED Substrate
8.2 Substrate demand characteristics
8.3 Features and Issue by Substrate

9. Trends of Flexible Display Substrate Companies
9.1 3M
9.2 Fuji Film
9.4 Mitubishi Plastics
9.5 NEG

10. Major Patent of Flexible AMOLED: Samsung Display and LG Display
10.1 Outline
10.2 Trend Analysis of Patent Application
10.3 The Essential Lists of Public Patent
10.4 Analysis of Registered Patent
10.5 Conclusion

11. Recent Papers of Flexible OLED
11.1 SID 2011
11.2 SID 2012
11.3 IMID 2012

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