The 1st OLED KOREA Conference


Korean display industry is becoming critical. The Chinese display companies, with the aggressive investment into LCD factories and their technology advancement, could overtake Korean display industry within a few years.
Korean Display Industry, Where to Go from Here?
The 1st OLED Korean Conference will discuss where Korean display industries should go from here and what they should do and provide some answers.

이기용_사진Dr. Ki-Yong Lee 
Vice President of Samsung Display

Past, Present and THE FUTURE of ‘AMOLED’ Display
Based on the development history of technology and mass production regarding AMOLED displays, the future trend of OLED display market will be suggested with innovative materials, processes, and facilities which will be required to create new applications for OLED displays.

LGD_윤원균_사진Won-Gyun Youn


The Future of OLED TV
Current OLED TV’s technology and environment, and potential as future display.

Photo-Xiuqi Huang (1)Dr. Xiuqi Huang
The CEO of Visionox R&D Center and Kunshan New Flat Panel Display Technology Center (KSFPD).

Latest Progress of OLED Display in Mainland China
Recently, OLED display industry has made rapid progress in Mainland China, driven by its great potential to cut in the existing display product market and generate new one. In this presentation, the latest progress of R&D and mass production of OLED display will be introduced.


Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
President of UBI RESEARCH

The Future of OLED
Following RGB OLED, WRGB OLED and flexible OLED began to pioneer the market. However, so far LCD sector’s continued technology development acts as an obstacle in speedy growth of the OLED market. This conference will discuss how OLED can be used, OLED TV market’s success factors, and future of flexible OLED, and forecast the market following the discussion.


Dr. Chung-Seock Kang
Vice President of KCRP ( Kolon Industries Inc.)

Plastic Substrate for Flexible OLED
The interest in flexible displays has been growing since they have many advantages like portability, conformability, and so on. And also their market volume is predicted to drastically increase in the future. The development of plastic substrate is one of key factors necessary to realize flexible displays. In this talk, current academic and industrial R&D on substrates for flexible displays, will be discussed.

hattori_사진(1)Dr. Hisashi Hattori
Analysis Atelier Corporation, Senior Partner

OLED display and lighting in Japan

Describe the development, application and new products trend of OLED display and OLED lighting status in Japan. How OLED lighting will overcome against LED lighting for home, office and plant until 2020 in Japan.

Higashio(1)Shinya Higashio
O-WELL Corporation, Business Planning Dept.

Gas transmission-rate measuring system[OMEGATRANS]
Water vapor is serious problem for OLED. OLED should have a water vapor transmission rate of approximately 10-6g/m2/day. Therefore, evaluation system for barrier films are required. O-WELL Corporation introduces gas transmission-rate measuring system 「OMEGATRANS」.

Weibang_photoAlan Huang
Special Assistant to General Manager of Shanghai Tianma AMOLED Co., Ltd.

AMOLED Present State and Perspectives
AMOLED is an Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode display technology. It is recognized in the display industry as the most promising next-generation technology, following TFT-LCD. Looking at the major performance indices including viewing angle, contrast, response time, and color saturation, we see that the AMOLED far exceeds the TFT-LCD. AMOLED is already widely used in handheld devices, with the promise of strong future growth in other consumer products.

In today’s talk, we will take a look at the market, technology, and production view of AMOLED displays. I will then introduce the Tianma AMOLED project and discuss our future plans.

이정익Dr. Jeong-Ik Lee
ETRI, Soft I/O Interface Research Section Director

Technologies for Efficiency Enhancement in OLEDs
Although OLEDs have achieved great advancement in efficiency enhancement, OLEDs still suffer from low external quantum efficiency. In this presentation, nano and micro technologies to improve out-coupling efficiency of OLEDs developed by ETRI will be introduced.

생기원_김태원 박사_사진_1Dr. Tae-Won Kim
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Principal Researcher

Hybrid purification technology for OLED: a paradigm shift for mass purification
We introduce a novel purification technology for OLED materials which is based on ionic liquids. The technology is featured by high yield as well as high purity which are strongly requiring for mass purification of OLED materials.

장정훈_사진(1)Jung Hoon Chang
Senior Analyst of Samsung Securities

Competitiveness of the OLED industry and market forecasts
OLED market has become volatile on slowing growth of Smartphones, which has been the most aggressive user of OLED, and is at a crossroad between flexible OLED and large OLED. We look at the competitiveness of Korean firms leading the OLED market, check market issues, and analyze supply-demand factors.

이창희_사진(1)Prof. Changhee Lee
Seoul National University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor

Current Status and key issues of Quantum dot LED display technology
Quantum dot (QD) is a semiconductor nanocrystals whose electrical and optical properties depend on its size and shape. Because it has unique properties such as the bandgap tunability, narrow emission bandwidth and high photoluminescence quantum efficiency, it is drawing attention as a next-generation display technology. In this talk, I will review recent progress of the QLED technology and explain some key issues that are required to be solved for realizing practical QLED display.

김태형_사진(1)Dr. Tae Hyung Kim
Doosan corp. Electro-Material BG, OLED Development Team, Team Leader

OLED Material Development Trend and Achievement
We’d like to discuss about the trend of OLED Material and the performances of each layers. And then we’re going to talk about further development.

이정노박사_사진(1)Dr. Jeongno Lee
KEIT, Display PD

Status and Strategy of National R&D project related on OLED
Reviewing the status of display industry and technology, and the status of national R&D project and strategy on OLED area will be presented.

최명운_사진(1)Dr. Myungwoon Choi
YAS, System Research Center, Director

Key Technology of 8G In-line Deposition System for OLED TV
-In-line System Technology
-Large Size Glass Handling Technology
-Source Technology for Large Size Glass

Dinner and networking opportunities are available for VIP attendees after the Conference.

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