Quarterly OLED Market Report for TVs

OLED TV still accounts for only a few percent of the global TV market. However, the sales volume of OLED TVs is gradually increasing to the typhoon level as they are in the premium TV market area of over US$ 2,000.

The OLED market report for TVs is designed to provide information to the companies involved in the OLED industry to accurately understand the changes in the large area OLED market and to anticipate future market directions.

The report analyzes the market of OLED for TVs, which are the flagship products of the OLED panel market, by reviewing quarterly performance and anticipating future market changes.

The report is based on Market Track data published by UBI Research every quarter.



In the second quarter of 2018, the substrate area of the OLED lines for TV is 1.12Mm2, which is unchanged from the first quarter. Due to the expansion of the Guangzhou plant in China, the annual substrate area in 2018 is to be 19.48Mm2, 31% increase from 14.8Mm2 in 2017.

OLED TV sales in the premium TV market continued to improve, resulting in WRGB OLED panel sales of US$ 460 million in the second quarter, up 21% from US$ 367 million in the previous quarter.

Second quarter WRGB OLED panel shipments in the second quarter totaled 720,000 units, up 19% from last quarter’s 580,000 units.

The market for OLED panel for TVs in 2018 is projected to be US$ 2.18 billion, which is expected to increase by 33% compared to US$ 1.45 billion last year.


The cost of manufacturing OLED panels for the second quarter was US$ 432 for 55-inch UHD OLED panels, while the 65-inch and 77-inch OLED panels cost US$ 967 and US$ 1,067 respectively. Only 77-inch panels are expected to be profitable.


The report covers production scale, market performance, market forecast, demand- supply analysis, and manufacturing cost analysis for production of OLED panels for TV. It is scheduled to be published quarterly.


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