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The Weekly Display Industry Analysis Report is the best solution to analyze the information generated by the Display industry for a week to verify the correct information value. This report is a one-year paid service that is delivered directly to customers by mail every Monday.

Weekly Display Industry Analysis Report
February 22, 2021
Huawei’s shrinking smartphone business, which increased OLED usage along with the increase in smartphone shipments, has had a lot of negative effects on Chinese display companies. Huawei’s increase in market share was proportional to the increase in shipments of Chinese display makers. Huawei increased its OLED usage as its brand power increased, and BOE’s OLED business was rosy, because it increased its flexible OLED purchases from Chinese OLED companies.

The OLED business of Chinese display companies in 2021 is expected to diverge from last year due to Huawei’s shrinking smartphone business and rising LCD prices.

In 2020, Huawei increased the proportion of flexible OLEDs as displays of high-priced brands, Mate and P series, and Chinese panel makers’ flexible OLEDs were mainly used. BOE’s flexible OLED was concentrated in Huawei. Therefore, the sinking of Huawei is having a fatal negative impact .….[Interruption]

Light and darkness of Chinese display companies in 2021